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Why should one consider Cloth Meds medical scrubs over other medical clothing?

Healthcare workers are always at higher risk of biological exposure as the healthcare setting is hazardous, and it is impracticable to exclude infection. Statistically life expectancy of doctors is 59 years as compared to 67.9 years of an average person in India. At Cloth Meds, we aim to protect our protectors and provide them with functional medical scrubs.

Medical scrubs are also known as medical clothing or healthcare uniform. It is an attire worn by medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers. Scrubs are designed to be comfortable, hygienic, and practical for the demanding work environment of healthcare settings. Scrubs help identify healthcare professionals within a healthcare facility, allowing patients and colleagues to easily recognize who is who.

From protection to performance, scrubs are better than other medical clothing. Great quality scrubs reduce the risk of high-bound infections. Cloth Meds have unique features with next-gen technologies and stand out from other medical scrubs.
Let’s list the key aspects of Cloth Meds medical scrub!


Antimicrobial: Antimicrobials are substances that are used to stop microorganisms from reproducing or killing them completely. These microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, fungi, and even protozoa. We deliver antimicrobial efficacy of up to 99.9% against viruses, bacteria & fungi. Our medical scrubs have long-lasting antimicrobial properties up to 100 washes. Our natural antimicrobial coating is derived from coconut. Cloth Meds products are free from carcinogenic compounds, any sulphur, and other toxic content.

Non-Leaching: These scrubs are designed to minimize the risk of transferring harmful chemicals, contaminants, or pathogens from the scrubs to the wearer or the environment. They are typically made from specific materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety and effectiveness. The material for the medical scrubs is chosen for their durability, resistance to stains, and ability to repel fluids. Cloth Meds medical scrubs have a high-quality fluid resistance to protect the wearer from exposure to potentially hazardous substances or bodily fluids as the healthcare environments are at a higher risk of splashes or spills. Cloth Meds medical scrubs are tested by SITRA(South Indian Textile Research Association, Coimbatore) to ensure performance and safety


Wide Range of Products: We have a wide range of medical scrubs that are non-static, non- flammable, odour free. Our products include scrub suits, doctor coats, patient wear, scrub caps, O.T. gown or surgical attire, and our exclusive range of antimicrobial bedsheets. They are available based on preferences, needs and regulations within the healthcare industry. Cloth Meds, medical scrubs range from

  • Traditional scrubs that are unisex and available in solid colours or patterns.
  • V-neck scrubs give a modern and stylish look from the traditional scrubs and are more popular among healthcare professionals.
  • Cargo scrubs that feature multi pockets and storage compartments. They are ideal for healthcare workers who need to carry various instruments or tools throughout their shifts.


Performance and Protection: When choosing a scrub, it is always important to consider comfort, functionality, and free from toxic chemical treatment. Our plant-based medical scrubs will give you a great experience or comfort, flexibility, durability, and compliance with workplace regulations, and personal style preferences. These scrubs are made from a blend of materials that offer enhanced flexibility and mobility. These scrubs are popular among healthcare professionals who require a greater range of motion throughout their workday. Our medical Scrubs are made from durable fabrics that can withstand the rigors of a healthcare setting, where professionals often encounter spills, stains, and bodily fluids. They are designed to hold up well under repeated washings, ensuring they maintain their integrity over time and less likely to harbour bacteria or other contaminants, reducing the risk of spreading infections.


Quick Delivery: Medical scrubs are not just a fashion attire, it’s a professional uniform. Considering the needs of our customers, our unique stock and sell model ensures efficient and timely shipping with less turnaround time to provide a positive customer experience. The 7 days delivery period is on all orders from single custom-made to bulk orders all throughout India. To ease the customer orders, we have a No Minimum Order Quantity Policy that help you reorder and stock as per your preferred style. We custom-develop our fabrics and no style will ever go out of stock.

While medical scrubs have multiple benefits, choosing the right outfit by keeping in mind the specific dress code requirement along with the right protection and performance always matters.

From antimicrobial medical scrubs, and lab coats to all your antimicrobial medical linen, we are the one-stop online solution.

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